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Grateful to the Water Spirits

I have been blessed to have an abundance of healthy water in my life.  Each time…

Carolyn Armstrong Horn

caroly_james_elizabethFrom the time I was little, when my father convinced me that every time I put my elbows on the table I killed a sugar faery,  I have been fascinated with the idea of spirits living among us, yet just out of reach of our human senses. 

I love writing stories about the hidden worlds, within worlds just outside of our world. From children's fantasy to adult magical realism, I find the serendipity of our lives enchanting and the possibilities of other realms fascinating. 

I have just begun the journey of writing the stories I have discovered over my lifetime. And as I sit under the Grandfather Oak tree in my backyard in Maine, with my two faithful dogs, I look forward to many years of bringing forth the stories of the nature spirits, the faeries that live among them and the serendipitous events that fill our lives. I hope you will join me on my journey!

 By the way, that's James painting my picture, with Elizabeth's guidance. They are two characters from my children's chapter book series, The  Mystical Forest. You can see more of them and other residents of the forest at my publishing website.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Cheers!   Carolyn

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