Do you know where your cat goes at night?

“A heavy fog rolled in from the ocean, blanketing the quaint coastal town of Rockport, Maine. The full moon hung low in the night sky. A small white cat with a bandits mask of black fur sauntered into the town’s fog laden park. She leaped into the woods surrounding the park, darting through the pine trees until she came upon an old oak tree. The white cat rubbed her body against the trunk as if she were rubbing against a person’s leg. Back and forth. Purring. The Grandfather Oak creaked as he gave way to a magical opening in the trunk of his tree. With one last glance behind her, the white cat sauntered into the opening and disappeared into Felinia.”

11-year-old Zari Evan’s family moved from Philadelphia to Maine at the beginning of the summer. Zari is shy and loves to read. However, her brother Lucas is very outgoing, and a tad reckless, and Zari is tired of rescuing him every time he messes up. So this summer, Zari ignored her brother and his chaos. In fact, at times, she was downright mean to him. And this made Bubbles, the Evans’s cat, seething mad at Zari by the end of the summer.

Bubbles is no ordinary cat. She is the Queen of Felinia. And she rules with an iron paw but has a soft spot for wounded and mistreated children. So, Bubbles decided as Queen, she would find a way for those children to live as adored kittens in Felinia for eternity. And that summer, Bubbles came up with a plan.

Will Bubbles bring Lucas to Felinia since his sister mistreated him? And if Bubbles does, will Zari need to rescue him again? How would Zari even find him?

Cats at night -tree cover-painted-2c2PUBLISH DATE: November 22, 2021