Felinia – Coming Soon

Do you know where your cat goes at night?

“A heavy fog rolled in from the ocean, blanketing the quaint coastal town of Rockport, Maine. The full moon hung low in the night sky. A small white cat with a bandits mask of black fur sauntered into the town’s fog laden park. She leaped into the woods surrounding the park, darting through the pine trees until she came upon an old oak tree. The white cat rubbed her body against the trunk as if she were rubbing against a person’s leg. Back and forth. Purring. The Grandfather Oak creaked as he gave way to a magical opening in the trunk of his tree. With one last glance behind her, the white cat sauntered into the opening and disappeared into Felinia.”

Ten-year-old Zari and her eight-year -old brother Malik just moved to Maine with their mother. Zari is upset about the move. She misses her old friends. Her grandmother surprises Zari and Malik with a cat, named Bubbles, to cheer them up.  Little did their grandmother know, that Bubbles is royalty. She is the Queen of Felinia in the Mystical Forest, the place where cats go at night.

Queen Bubblelina, as she is known in Felinia, has big plans for all the cats in our world. She has decided that since cats are smarter than humans, she should be Queen of both worlds. The first part of her plan to take over the world is to steal the souls of children and replace them with the souls of cats. She decides that Malik would make a good cat, so she lures him into the Grandfather Oak and takes him to Felinia.

The night that Bubbles takes Malik,  Zari is awakened by a mysterious faery.  She is told about Malik’s disappearance. Once Zari is convinced her little brother is gone, and she can not wake her mother, she realizes it is up to her to save him.  But, Zari only has eight hours to find Malik and save him from the fate of becoming a soldier in Queen Bubblelina’s crazy scheme! Or, both she and her brother will become lost in Felinia forever.

Cats at night -tree cover-painted-2c2PUBLISH DATE: March 2016